PS5‎ vs. Ni‎‎ntendo Switch

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Of course, one very important factor to consider is that the PS5 isn’t out yet. If you need your system now, get a Nintendo Switch, but otherwise, read on to learn more!

The Nintendo Switch can display games in two different resolutions, depending on whether or not it is docked. If docked and displaying games to a television screen, the Switch can play games at 1080p resolution. This is the maximum resolution it is capable of producing, and certain games will not be able to reach this number. The new Nintendo Switch Lite system cannot be docked, and can only play games at the standard 720p handheld resolution.

The Nintendo Switch comes with just 32GB of flash storage on the console itself, which is not even enough to completely install digital versions of certain games. If you purchase physical cartridges for the system, only a small portion of the game must be installed on your system, while the rest will run directly from the card itself. The Switch is the only modern game system that doesn’t make use of discs, and is the only system that does not force you to install games before playing them.

If PlayStation 5 game save data works similar to the PlayStation 4 8217;s, PS Plus subscribers will likely have access to cloud game saves, as well as game data backups that are performed when the system is asleep. Similar to the Nintendo Switch, if you decide to cancel your PS Plus subscription, you will lose access to your cloud saves and data until you resubscribe, and if six months lapse before that time, the data will be deleted forever. The alternative option to this is keeping all of your save data on a USB storage device, but that also has its risks.

Great third-party games ported from other systems or released simultaneously include:

The PS5 doesn’t have any exclusive games outright confirmed for it yet, but the language used by Bethesda during E3 2018 suggests Starfield and The Elder Scrolls VI will both be released for the console. Certain titles including Godfall and Watch Dogs: Legion will release on the system.

If there is one category we can essentially give to the PS5 before we know a thing about it, it’s online services 8212; Nintendo’s online program for the Switch is that terrible.

Nintendo’s big mistake with its online services, however, is forcing players to use a separate phone app in order to use voice chat while online. Because of the hassle in doing so, hardly anyone actually talks while playing their games, and those that do have little reason to use something other than Skype, instead.

Assuming PlayStation Plus on PS5 is similar to how it works on PS4, it will be a significantly better program. Alongside access to online multiplayer, the $60 yearly fee includes access to free games each month. On PS4, two are available each month, and they are free to keep for as long as you have the service. You can also get special discounts for other digital games, and occasionally additional discounts 8212; we were able to get two free tickets to Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse ahead of its release, for example.


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